Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1, 2013

Hello all family and loved ones!!
Happy Easter!! I loved celebrating Easter here! Yesterday we had the coolest thing happen! All the missionaries were in one huge room and they had Sacrament meeting in there and they passed the sacrament to 3000 people! The person that spoke to us was the General Presiding Bishop...Bishop Causse! (big deal!) It was pretty great! I watched the following video about 10 times this week! Every single time it makes me cry! The video shows a depiction of what it would've been like to be in the Americas after Christ was risen! You can read about this account in the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi chapter 11. It just testifies to me so strongly that Christ really did come to this Earth and really did visit his "other sheep" (John 10:16) who were in ancient America! He knows us and cares about us on such an individual level. Please go watch this video:
I hand typed this link ^^ so everybody better watch it! :)
In addition to Easter, this week has been a good one. I've been trying to learn how I can have a positive attitude about every day. Somethings things can get a little discouraging or people might irritate me a little bit, but I know that I won't be as happy and won't have the Spirit as strongly if I let these things get to me! So I have learned a way that helps me to have a good attitude. Every time someone is bugging me or I'm just in a funk, I say a prayer and ask Heavely Father to make me joyful and to bless me with His Spirit. Then I read my scriptures for a little bit. Everytime I finish reading my scriptures, I always feel so much better! Something else that happened that was a neat learning experience this week was that I was just annoyed with my self and my hair was irritating me and my clothes were itchy (all really silly and vain things to be worried or annoyed by!) but I just resolved in my mind that as soon as I walked through the classroom door, that this was going to be a great day...and guess what!? It DID turn out to be a great day! I got to know my teachers on a more personal level, I understood the language lesson, and it was absolutely gorgeous outside! I loved that expereince! Every day we have can either be a good day or a bad day based off of how we THINK it is going to be. One more really neat experience this week was this: I was called as the coordinating sister (which means that I got to welcome in all of the new elders and sisters this Wednesday!) It's been such a blast! I love getting to know them all and it seriously is an assignment from heaven because i have loved making new friends here and now my assignment here is to just make friends! It's the best! But anyways, I have to leave my companion for a little bit sometimes and go on splits with the zone leaders...so we're in a co-ed three-way companionship for just a couple of hours...but they had to go into the male residence hall for a minute and I was left outside...at night...completely alone! I know I know...what could happen on the MTC campus? But it was still a little unnerving and I just felt so vulnerable! That night, as I was saying my nightly prays, I was still sort of shaken up about it for some reason, and I asked Heavenly Father to comfort me from this weird and vulnerable feeling I was experiencing...I continued to pray for other things but I all of a sudden was overwhelmed with gratitude! The prayer turned into me not even asking for anything else and just feeling so grateful for everything! I know that the Lord blessed me with this attitude of gratitude because He knew that I would be calmed down and peaceful if I remembered everything good! It was truly so amazing! If any of you who are reading this are feeling a little unnerved or something is just off, pray that you might be grateful and start counting your blessings! I swear that this works!
CARLI, BAILEY, and NICOLE got here this week!!!! I got to greet them and it was sooo awesome!!!! I was so happy!! I saw them all within like 30 seconds of each other! What a sweet reunion it was!! I get to see Nicole every day at meal times! And I see Carli super often too!! Bailey I don't see as much but when I do it's really fun! This is the new BYU here! haha
Funny thing this week: My companion and I were on my top bunk bed about to say our companionship prayer when we got to talking about some other things and got distracted... after our conversation Sister Barth said: "....hmmm...what was I going to say?" .. me: "...Dear Heavenly Father...??" Maybe it was funnier if you were there but we were cracking up!!
Well, I love you all so much!! I hope things at home are going well!!
Kocham was! (pronounced "koe-hahm-vahs"...meaning i love you all!)
Siostra Kendall Blake

 Carli Stone (cousin), Kendall, Nicole Hawkins
 Carli, Kendall and Nicole
Kendall, Nicole Hawkins (friend from Laguna and BYU), Bailey Tibbitts (friend from PCHS)
French speaking missionaries that Kendall has become good friends with in MTC


  1. Hey Kendall, Funny thing, I know exactly what you are talking about when you say your hair is bugging you and your clothes are bugging you people are bugging you... HA! It's almost funny that it seems to happen all at the same time, which indeed means it's really not any of those things. I think it's God's way of reminding us exactly what you said...change what and how you think, be grateful and say your prayers! Please keep teaching us polish. I have family there! Don't know who, but I do. Blessings to you, Linda p.s. No more standing outside buildings alone at night. Someone stays with you or you go in.. that's it, no more.

    1. Linda, what is your maiden name? Kendall will look for your relatives in Poland. Seriously, she would. She would let them know of their awesome relative in Park City! Thanks for reminding her to be safe! She will need that when she jumps the pond and is in Poland. xo