Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

Week 74

A picture's worth a thousand words:
Pic #1: Me and Teresa and Barbara! Teresa got a calling this week for Sunday School Teacher!! Ah! and Barbara just got baptized!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 28, 2014

Week 73

This transfer I've been learning a lot about not being perfect. I'm learning that the Lord definitely does not expect perfection from us. Sometimes, we as members of the church can stress ourselves out wondering if we're doing enough to become like the Savior, but in reality He is already so pleased with us and what we our doing. We can know if what we are doing is right and pleasing to Him when we ask ourselves the question: "Am I doing the basic things I should be doing" like reading the scriptures daily, praying daily, going to church, striving to be kind to others and give of myself. I've learned on my mission, that, of course there is always something that we can improve upon, but when we're doing those basic daily things, the Lord IS proud of us and will help us keep growing. I've learned that when we're at peace with the growth we've already made and stive to continue to do those things always, the Lord inevitably builds upon that. Yes, everyday we should be repenting and improving, but I've learned that we need to be grateful to the Lord for the progress He's already helped us make!

I love being with Sister Hemming!! We are learning together how to enjoy the moment while still working hard. It's being interesting as we've been seeking the gift of discernement more of telling us the people who to talk to. Both of us in our missions have talked to anything with legs all day everyday, but we've been realizing lately that that hasn't been as fulfilling or Spirit filled lately. So lately we have been really seeking which people to maybe let walk past...and believe it or not, it's actually been pretty difficult! haha  But it's been really amazing to see the Lord lead us to the people we DO need to talk to. It's interesting how the missionary you are evolves in all sorts of ways as you're on your mission. 

Funny: Yesterday, it was warm but POURING RAIN!!!! When we left the house that morning it was boiling hot! and all of a sudden a downpour started!!! It must've looked so hilarious to see us: the only two souls on the street, waiting for a tramwaj, literally dripping, and pulled out our cinnamon rolls, and being splashed on by cars! haha I must say it was pretty rewarding to feel like a true blue missionary in that moment! :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014

Week 72

Each week seems to go by faster and faster...this week just flew by! You know, this week, to be 100% perfectly honest, I was having a little bit of a hard time with missing home. I just love my family so so so much and I was really thinking about them in New Hampshire playing in the lake and having a good time. The hardest part was that the thing I was feeling bad about wasn't that I was missing out, but rather that I felt bad for missing home. I learned throughout the week however, that thoughts of home aren't bad, but that I just shouldn't let them take me away from the work in my day dreams, etc. After I realized that, I didn't feel so bad and also just changed the thought to investigators and members when I would get too carried away. So that's the honest truth there for you :) But I'm doing super well now and loving every second of Poland (as always)!

One of the miracles this week is how Teresa who got baptized a month ago is just continually progressing! She used to work inside of a mall. She owns her own store but rented a room in the mall to have her shop...but her work prevented her from coming to church for all 3 hours on Sunday and from coming to the church activities she wanted to come last week, she left the mall and found another place just 5 minutes away that's a cute shop that you can walk by while on a jaunt with your family!! She said she felt like the Spirit prompted her to do so so that she'd be able to come to more of church and more activites!! It is just absolutely amazing!! I can't believe it!...well yes I can because Teresa is fantastic, but still! Because of that she's been coming to all 3 hours of church and loving it and is even getting a calling as a Sunday school teacher soon! This week she even came to an activity that most long-time members didn't even show up to...And this is the most amazing part of all! The activity was missionary splits! (This is when members go out with the missionaries to teach investigators.) Sister Hemming and I taught her a little shpeel about why we all should do missionary work and share what we believe and did a couple roll plays and then headed out on the streets!!! She came with us contacting and was so NOT afaid of bearing her testimony and sharing her experiences and inviting people to come to church and to learn more with the missionaries! Oh my goodness it was so fantastic!! There is so much joy when someone changes themselves to become a deeper disciple of Christ and I feel so blessed that I get to see these transformations happen!

I also got to go on an exchange with Sister Poklinkowska! (This was one of Kendall's earlier and favorite companions from last fall in Wroclaw) Yahoo!!! I love her so much! As always, she was so inspired! We started the exchange in the evening and followed the prompting she got to go to a less active's house that just seemed to pop out on the branch list. When we went to visit, her apartment building door was open!! Miracle #1! We got in and knocked on her door and she was talking on the phone and ALMOST shut the door in our faces, but then we said that we just wanted to sing one song for her that "we've been practicing"....I am a Child of God. She let us in and told us to sit down on her couch! We commented on a pretty wood chair she had in the corner (definitely inspired because she collects old pretty antique chairs) and that totally opened her up and she offered us something to drink! In Poland when someone offers you something to drink as a missionary, you know that you'll be there for more than just 2 mintues to sing a song! WOOHOO! Her heart continued to get softer and softer especially when we sang for her. The words rang true to her and she totally opened up! It turns out that she is not the less active we were looking for but her non-member sister! She told us about a spiritual experience about how she went to "the other side" during an operation and felt peace and joy there which led to us reading about the joy Alma felt at his near death experience after repenting in Alma 36! It was just an amazing experience where Sister Poklinkowska and I taught in unity and by the Spirit insomuch that her heart was touched and invited us back again! I stand all amazed!! It was such an incredible expereince and the Spirit was surely felt by all of us :)

#1- Sister Hemmings birthday we went to a sushi place for dinner and she got given a cake by the Elders so we ate it with chopsticks!
#2- Sister Poklinkowska and I on exchanges with the miracle "less-active", who's actually not a member's, house!
#3- Fruit stands EVERYWHERE all spring summer and fall!

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7,2014

Week 71
This has been one of the fastest weeks of my mission! Like I said last week, I honestly feel the happiest I've ever felt! Ever day is such a thrill to go out and do missionary work! I love serving the Lord so much and that I get to really serve Him with all my heart and mind! I love it! Having 4h of July was the most fun thing ever! Comp study consisted of singing many spirit filled and patriotic songs and we had german panckaes for breakfast and even got hamburgers for lunch!

This week, we taught one of our investigators about the word of wisdom and she literally crumpled up her cigarettes right then and there! So amazing! She was basically just waiting for the invitation to follow Christ more fully and was totally willing! I'm so glad we weren't afraid to just be bold! :)

I love you!

Sister Blake

Me and my comps on the 4th of July!!
I got my scriptures rebound by a Polish man! This is a picture of the shop! :)