Saturday, April 27, 2013

April 27, 2013

Hi Mom! 

I wrote you a letter just now, so I don't want to say any of the same things, but I will say that I am so excited to go to Poland. A tiny bit scared but that's only because it will be a change! Thinking about a year and a half from now have having to come home actually makes me want to cry... not because I won't want to come home, but because I will love my friends in Poland and the cities of Poland! But anyways despite my small fears, I really am excited to be doing this! I just have to constantly remember why! It's because I want to serve the Lord and tell others about this amazing gospel!

It's been sad to say good bye to our teachers and friends that we made here! The MTC has been such an amazing place! I've told you tons about it but it really is so cool to be surrounded be so many people speaking/learning so many different languages and learning about the gospel! There is no place like it here! One thing that I've learned and am REALLY going to learn in Poland! Is that I have to let go 100% to my pride! If i'm embarrassed to speak bad Polish, I'm not going to be a benefit to anyone! and if i hold back, I won't be helping anyone either!

I can't wait to talk to you tomorrow evening! I love you so much!!! (Kendall gets to call us tomorrow before she leaves for Poland on Monday- yay!!)


 Kendall's Polish Teachers in the MTC, she has loved them all
Kendall with the teachers and students in her Polish Language Classes

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