Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 15, 2013


2 weeks left of this glorious place! Not counting down or anything :) I really do think I'll miss it once I leave here! But I really am so excited to get back into the real world!! The airport will feel like disneyland!! haha Lately I've actually been feeling like there is no point in me being here in the MTC and it was really hard to stay motivated this week. But on Sunday, something really cool happened. Like I mentioned in a previous email, I am the coordinating sister (or now called sister training leader), and yesterday, after a long day of feeling like I wasn't doing any good in the world, 2 different sisters came up to me and told me how much they appreciated me and looked up to me! Even though I don't even feel like I deserved this sweet praise, it uplifted me so much! I have been helping people even though I'm not in Poland! I have been making a difference! I was so grateful for what they said. They'll never know how much it uplifted me and how much I appreciated their kind words. They made me realize that I can make a difference wherever I am and in whatever I'm doing!
Another thing that got me pumped up about being a missionary was a devotional that we had last night. The speaker was the head of the media department in the church or something big like that and he discussed a lot of the things that the church has been doing to spread the word that Mormons are happy, loving people who believe in Jesus Christ. Some of the things they've been doing that are really big are in New York City and in London. The church has been making themselves in billboards and on busses in both of these huge cities! They have uplifting signs in subway stations and even a huge one in Time Square! He showed us the statistics of how many people viewed mormon.org from last year to after they implemented this campain this year and some of the numbers had an increase of over 100%! It's so amazing!! And it got me so excited that I'm serving in Europe because there are signs EVERYWHERE in London right now! If any Polish person goes to London on vacation, they'll come home and have questions and we'll have answers!! I'm so excited that I have this amazing opportunity to change people's perceptions of Mormon's not only by what I say and how I act, but also by simply wearing Jesus Christ's name on my name tag! What an honor! This is a ONCE and a lifetime opportunity! and I'm so grateful to be apart of it!!
Something funny that happened is yesterday I lost my missionary ID card, and I went into a devotional and a girl behind me said: "HEY!...I have your ID card!" I thanked her for it and asked how she found it slash how she knew it was me? She said: "Someone was asking whose it was and I looked at it and said 'I know her! She has really big blonde hair and is a hipster!'"....what?!?! a hipster!??!! hahaha oh gosh...apparently that's the rap I've created for myself in this place...the curly-haired blonde hipster! ahhaha I was cracking up
Thank you mom, Ave 330 girls and Cami for the DELICIOUS treats!! SOOO delicious!!! Thank you so much for your thoughfulness :)
Everyone! I love you all so much!!! I pray for you always!
Sister Kendall Blake (the curlyhaired, blonde, hipster)

Kendall's roommates run into Kendall at the Provo Temple: Kate, Kendall, Elise and Maddie

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