Friday, April 26, 2013

April 22, 2013

Well first and foremost: I GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS!!! We leave the MTC on Monday April 29th and fly to Amsterdam, which I hear is just absolutely beautiful! So that will be a fun 1 hour that we have there! And then we fly to Poland! Holy Cow!! I can hardly believe it!! So this will be my last PDay until I'm in Poland (so don't be expecting a letter next week from me because I'll be on the plane!) Which reminds me mom, could you send me a thing of peanut butter to take!? haha the very last package I might receive for QUITE some time! haha

Well this week was so fantastic! Last week I had a little bit of a roller coaster week. It seemed like every hour was changing between good and bad and then discouraged and then was actually quite exhausting! But this week my compnaion and I decided that we would make an extra effort to be as positive as we possibly could! And holy moley the change in this week was out of this world! One thing that I realized makes me so much happier is when I don't let myself get offended by things. When I am easily offended, I go into self pity mode, which then makes me think all about myself, which then makes me selfish, which then acts as a wall between me and the Spirit! And I cannot afford to have a wall between me and the Spirit! I need the Lord's help in EVERYTHING I do here! Literally EVERYTHING! When I'm wallowing in my own self pity, there is no room for the Spirit to speak to me because I'm just thinking about myself! So when I resolved to not take offense to things, I became worlds happier! I understood people around me better as I gave them the benefit of the doubt and feel all around happier and more optimistic! So there's my little self improvement experience I had this week!

This week, a big theme was being filled with good. Our relief Society speaker on sunday used the visual of squishing a water bottle that is empty and trying to squish a water bottle that is full. Satan cannot "squish" us when we fill ourselves with good and Christlike things! Each time you do something good, you add a drop of good to your bottle. The good things that you don't do or the things that you do that aren't necessarily good, do not take any water from out of your "good water bottle". When you tell your family you love them...that's a drop of good in your water bottle. When you clean the dishes without being asked...that's a drop of good in your water bottle. When you sincerely listen to someone...that's a drop of good. When you say a prayer...a drop of good. When you are grateful...a drop of good. The list goes on and on! Each time we do something good, we expand our capacity to have the spirit with us, which in turn makes us even more filled with good! When we are this filled with good, there is no way that Satan will be able to "squish" us!

I love you all so much! Keep filling yourself with good things and with Christlike things so the Holy Spirit can make your "water bottles of good" over flow!! I know He will!
Love love love! and talk to you next time from Poland!!
Sister Blake :)

P.S. Neilsons! I ADORED the package and the huge disney family photo! haha
P.P.S. I LOVED the package from Hudson's cute 1st grade class!! So fun!!
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