Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

Week 53

This week has been one for the books! One of my favoties of the mission! And to think I was stressing so much last week about how it would turn out ! Like I knew it would, my testimony of the Savior's grace and ability to take care of the rest as I'm trying my hardest was strengthened! I was worried about our temporary mini missionary Cindy Call having a good experience, about getting Sister Montesinos all packed up and ready to be transfered, about picking up my new companion, Sister Moncur, about an "American" break-the-fast meal that the branch asked us to make for Sunday after fast Sunday, about a baptism here this weekend, and everything in between. But somehow, someway, as I just took one day at a time and focused on just doing my best and enjoying it all, The Savior was able to step in and save the day. There were minimal stressful moments and this week had the potential to have thousands! So I am so grateful for His help this week!

Our time with Sister Call was SO amazing! It's what made this week so amazing! She just has such a desire to serve and love the Lord! I learned so much about being genuine with people from her! Not to mention I felt like I was almost cheating having a Pole walking around with me helping me with Polish all the time! It was so awesome! I love Sister Call! She was so sweet: she kept on saying how happy she was that I was her first companion ever! I loved being someone that she looked up to and worked hard with and got along with. We had so much fun this past week! She is hysterical and gave me lots of secret pointers from her mom about 101 things you can use chamomile for! All in all, I am SO grateful that I got to spend this time with her and be her very first companion! I hope that she'll look forward to a mission in the future because of her experience this week. I know that I'll always remember and cherish this past week with her as she helped me say goodbye to and get used to my new companions and taught me so much Polish and health tips, and gospel knowledge! I am amazed by Sister Cindy Call :)

Saying goodbye to Sister Monetsinos was sad, and I'll miss her a lot! And now it's me and Sister Moncur and I love her so much!  We have some great goals based on helping each other love our missions even more and taking advantage of the short time that we have! She's super fun and I'm looking forward to to working with her and loving her this transfer! I'm really excited for this upcoming spring transfer and I just know it will bring miracles!

So we've been teaching a girl our age named Aleks. She is SO cool and I love her so much already! Things just seem to really click for her and she is really seeking to come closer to Chirst on her own! We committed her to read in the Book of Mormon every day and a few days later, she told us that she additionally started reading the Bible as well because she knows that they go together! Ah! It's so amazing! She has had some real prayers answered and it's absolutely a priveldge  to be a small part in her conversion! She had been debating whether or not to go back to Scotland for school, but after praying about it, she felt the most peace when thinking about staying! So she's staying! We're going to be able to keep teaching her and preparing her for baptism (since she says that she'd really like to be baptized!) The Lord really loves her so much and is trying to do all He can to lead her to Him. It's an amazing process to see and amazing to be able to peek a tiny bit into how much the Savior REALLY wants her to come unto Him. I love this work so much and am so honored to be a part of it!
Funny Moment: There was a baptism on Saturday evening, and we were in a huge rush to get there, but we were still super far away! So how would we get there on time!?! Out of the corner of my eye, I notice on of those bikes that has a three seater seat attached to the front. Well you can probably guess what happened! We paid the guy and hopped on the rick-shaw thing and started towards the baptism! We were dying laughing at our spontenaity and engeniusness of how to get there the fastest way possible! .. and then the even funnier part is that the fast speedy ride I imagined resembling a rickshaw ride in Thailand where you're going 1000 mph, turned out to be SO SLOW!!! hahaha oh sheesh... typical me.'s a picture of the whole escapade!

Sister Blake
rickshaw ride fail
departing sister montesinos
slumber party missionary style with sister call and moncur :)

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