Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014

Week 52= 1 YEAR!

Well transfer calls came this week! I am staying here in Łódź and am getting a new companion named Sister Moncur who I've met before and is just the sweetest missionary here in Poland! I'm excited as well as a little nervous to have a new companion since I loved serving with Sister Montesinos (that's how it is every transfer though :) ). This week seems like it's going to be absolutely crazy! I hope isn't going to be as hectic as it all looks on paper! I really am excited to have my testimony grow of the Savior taking over...having a third companion (Cindy Call [who's my favorite 18 year old Pole from Wrocław whose sister we taught and baptized] is on a mini mission with me in Łódź for a week!!!!! So far it's a blast and is so fun to have a little piece of Wrocław here with me!), and then switching companions in the middle of the week and then having a baptism on Saturday (woot woot for the Elders here who have been teaching the most prepared guy from Ghana!) and then trying to work out a tentative baptism in the future with our investigator who's about to move far away…Oh goodness, I was SOOO stressed out yesterday even thinking about it all! But I know that I don't have to take on that heavy burden, but that as I do all I can, the Lord will take care of the rest and instead of being stressed, I can have peace in the faith that I have that everything will be okay. :)

So last Sunday, we got a new investigator named Urszula. The Elders met her on the street a few days before and when she heard about our message she gave them her phone numer. A few days later, I called and she told me that she was really interested in meeting and in the Book of Mormon because she has been searching for truth and searching for a way to be closer to God. BOOYA! Prepared much!? On Sunday when we met for the first time before church, she agreed with everything we had to say and when she learned about the Great Apostacy ( a time in history, after the death of Christ and His authorized apostles, when errors about Christ's teachings crept into the church resulting in conflicting opinions of doctrine and lost spiritual truths). She was nodding and agreeing and saying that this is exactly why she was sitting here meeting with us, because she recognized that what she's learned her whole life has some truths missing! Right then and there in the lesson we committed her to meet with her everyday for a week and to see the difference in her life as she learns about this RESTORED and FULL truth! And she did! We met almost everyday this week and she said after the second meeting that she feels so peaceful and good after our meetings and that she really has seen a difference in herself in the course of only a week! Oh it was so amazing to hear! She really does have her heart in the right place! I'm so grateful to be a tiny part of Urszula's conversion!

Tender Mercy: So in the MTC, they have these pens that I love! I've only even seen these in my whole life in the MTC. And the ones I bought are starting to wear out and I was just thinking a few days ago about how I could break into the MTC gates to go and buy some! But the Lord had a better idea: This week we went into an art. store (Syd, you would've been in heaven!) and when we went to pay, guess what was in a huge bowl next to the cash register?! THE PENS!!! It was so cool! Even though I didn't even pray for them or anything like that, The Lord knew that it would make me so happy! I KNOW that I found those pens because the Lord wanted me to know that He cared about me and knows the little desires of my heart, even in the silly little things like my love for these pens! :)

Funny: Polish names are hard...but there's a guy named Emil here (pronounced "eh-meal" in "I'm eating a meal"...which making that connection was funny enought in itself!) but the senior Sister here in church yesterday was calling him "EMAIL"! for some reason I just thought it was hilarious! And later her hunsband was teasing her and said "what if you wanted to send him a text instead?" I laughed pretty loudly at that one too! ...I'm not sure what's happened to my sense of humor here, but I'm pretty sure that I'm pretty easy to humor these days! haha

Sister Blake

P.S. To some I sent postcards to talking about the HUGE gread bowls they have at a place here! ...I hope this picture does it justice!

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