Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 3, 2014

Week 45

Hello all!

Well it was neat. Yesterday, I realized that I wanted to be more led by the Spirit in all that I do and say. It's not enough to just be worthy of having the Spirit, I need to be LED by it...and take action! Last night, we had a pretty open night. We were on the way to visit a former investigator, but seeing that we had no specific time set up to be there, we decided to follow every single thought that came into our mind: crossing a street, tracting a building, I even had a thought to knock on someone's window! And I even started out a conversation by saying, "Hello Sir, we're missionaries and I see that you're smoking a cigarette!" with a huge smile on my face!...what? I don't know, but it's what came to my head so I said it! By following any thought that we had that night (assuming that they would all be from the Holy Ghost because we had faith) we ended up after a few turns and crossing the same sidewalk 5 times, we ran into a girl who we talked to for about 2 minutes about warmth. She told us that not fire or blankets give her warmth, but praying... THAT's the kind of answer we're looking for! She ended up being in a hurry, but said she really enjoyed our conversation and SHE asked US for OUR number so we could talk another time! BOOYA! So following the Spirit, even in all the seemingly silly things, really led to a miracle that we KNEW would come! :)

This week I also got to go on an exchange in Warsaw with Sister King!! (my comp last transfer) It was so fun to be with her again, and despite the fact that we were together just a few weeks ago as companions, I learned so much as a result of the exchange! I learned from her how important it is to humble yourself and be willing to change! She's such an example of humility and not just making the best of your situation, but turning it into something where you can feel successful and grow from it! I loved being with her again and it was so fun becuase it felt so normal to be back together as companions again even though it was only for a day! :)

Another thing on my mind this week is Wrocław. I have been thinking about Wrocław so much! Not because I am not enjoying Łódź, because I really love it here! But just because I've been thinking about the people I met and grew to love there! Members, English students, Investigators, and even people on the street that I only met once! I find myself praying so hard for these people and wishing I could go back even for just a day to go through all the records and get in touch with the people who have been on my mind! I have trust in the Lord's timing, but on the same hand it breaks my heart that these people might not hear about the gospel for years! But I also know that these feelings I'll be dealing with for the rest of my life! and I know that when I leave Łódź, I'll feel the exact same way :) Be assured that I really do love where I am, I love the work I'm doing, and I love the gospel that I get to teach and preach!

Funny moment of the week: On Monday, we had to book it for the train to Warsaw! My train was going to leave and we were still on the tramwaj about 25 minutes away from the station!! We said a prayer asking for the Lord's help! Wow!! What answers to prayers did we see! The Senior couple was across the street at a red light and we hopped in their car and said go go go to the train station! (as if we were bandits of some kind!) We got there and the train had been delayed! haha. So we ended up having plenty of time! haha. It was so hilarious and also so sad that Sister Montesinos fell down on the ice in the craziness of it all! Bu,t she's a trooper so it's alright! So many miracles we see and we don't even have to send them to the Vatican to be approved as miracles like other religions have to to be considered true miracles! haha. They happen every day!!

Sister Blake
Picture Kendall took from the train...looks like out of the movies

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