Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Week 57 "aka craziest and happiest week of my life!"

Being a missionary is the absolute best thing ever!!! I have such a fulness of joy when I looked at our mission email and saw that 3 people got baptized this weekend in Poland! This country really is so ready for the gospel! I feel so blessed to be able to be teaching several progressing investigators who are working towards baptism in 2 weeks!!! Oh my goodness! Nothing feels better than working so hard to earn the trust of the Lord and then actually feeling and seeing the blessings and being the one to reap! I've had faith my whole mission that with the Lord's help, I could be a reaper and not only a planter of seeds! The Lord has been blessing my faith as we have 3 of my best friends getting baptized on April 11th! I knew these women before, there is no doubt in my mind! How blessed I am that I can meet them again here on Earth so we can all live together again after this life and in the presence of our Heavenly Father!

This has been the absolute best and craziest and unexpected week of my life! First of all, on Tuesday, we had a meeting with the greatest girl in the world, Aleks!!! She has been so prepared for the gospel and is practicaly already a member! and a strong member at that! On her ipad, she has practically every LDS app that you can download! She has started marking her scriptures not just with highlighter, but she has a system of sticky notes where she marks topics and answers to her prayers! She went to Warsaw last weekend for heaven's sake to help plan the YSA conference in August! The only thing she was lacking was a baptismal date! So on Tuesday, we sat down with her and we were pumped for the lesson, but she had a horrible day and Satan was putting doubts in her head...she didn't pray in the morning and just didn't feel like reading the BOM (first time that's ever happened to her). But when we opened the Book of Mormon to seek some answers, she immediately felt better! We encouraged her to REMEMBER the spiritual experiences she had had to do away with those doubts! By the time she was finished telling us about the YSA council meeting in Warsaw, she was SO happy and was amazed about how remembering lifted her spirits! I was reminded of 2 Nephi 4 (  Nephi is having a bad day...he remembers his blessings and just reboots and is ready to live and preach the gospel forever! And that exact same thing happened to Aleks! What started out as a down and doubtful lesson transformed itseld into something beautiful! We extended a baptismal date of in 2 weeks... after all of us kneeling down and saying silent prayers (hers asking for confirmation and ours praying our souls out that she's accept the date) she looked up with a smile and said, "yes! I want to be baptized on April 11th!" !! All 3 of us started screaming of happiness and Aleks for the rest of the day was telling everyone she saw, "guess what?! I'm getting baptized!!" She kept saying things like, "I have never been this happy! This church is SOOO true or else I wouldn't feel like this! I want everyone to hear about this!!!" Oh my heavens!! My joy has never been so full!!

Another amazing experience: the senior couple invited Sister Moncur and I to a Catholic school to practice English with some English students there...we accepted the invitation and this Friday was the 2nd time we did it... the first time we met a girl named Magda and I just had the best feeling about her and knew that we had to go back for a 2nd time to talk with her some more! We gave a presentation in the English class about Easter (half about American traditions and half about our religious beliefs...with a special emphasis on Christ's visit to the Americas after His resurrection on that Easter morning! Our lovely Magda came up to us after our presentation in which we without reservation bore our testimonies of this truth and said, "You know, I'd really love a Book of Mormon...It's so amazing to me how passionate you are and the excitement you feel from this and I felt it too! ...or at least I think I did." I was dying!!! Near tears!! We totally had felt the Spirit confirm to us that we needed to come back and teach about the Book of Mormon and we now have a meeting set up with Magda! I know this sounds crazy because we've only met twice, but I truly feel such a connection with her! Like I already know her! I KNOW that I am here right now because she specifically needs to hear from ME! It stresses me to think about transfers coming up because I want to stay here and keep teaching these amazing people who I have such a spiritual connection with! But I know that the Lord has a plan for me! I am so blessed that we are teaching these amazing people and so beyond words for how much I LOVE them! I didn't know I could love people this much after only knowing them for a few weeks! I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me and helps me feel for others!

Sister Moncur and I love each other so much!! Especially after what happened on Friday! Sister Moncur's body kind of just gave out... her heart was beating really fast and when I looked at her in the middle of a lesson, her eyes were totally glazed over and she stood up to walk out of the room and practically stumbled out! Our investigator (ALEKS :) ) was there and Sister Moncur kind of collapsed. She was still conscious, but unable to muster up enough strength to really control her body...  We thought she was fine after drinking some water, but then it happened again! She was given a blessing as she sat on the flooor and I KNOW that the power of the priesthood really is power to speak and bestow blessings from God! It was so powerful and I was just sobbing (the only part where I lost my cool). An ambulance had to come and we went to the hospital for the rest of the evening! Despite the craziness of the situation, some wonderful things came out of it! Aleks got to see the power of the preisthood working, Aleks told her mom about it all and her mom now wants to meet with us (!!!), I met a man in the Emergency waiting room who I gave a Book of Mormon (!), and we grew in love for the members that were there to help, our investigators who showed so much love and worry for Sister Moncur, and just so many amazing blessings from this happening! Sister Moncur is still a little tired from the whole ordeal, but she's back to her old self and humor and doing bounds better!! We're taking things not too crazy so we don't end up in the hospital again and for now that's been working :) We're kind of just trying to do all we can to avoid having to come to Warsaw because we have these amazing investigators who we need to prepare to be baptized! We love the work and despite all this crazy stuff happening, Sister Moncur and I agree that this is the happiest week either of us have had in our entire missions!

P.S. we're going to be performing at a Catholic mass with Mormon hymns and doctirne and a closing prayer next week!!  Oh my gosh it's going to be amazing!!! 300 people will be at this mass to hear us sing!! hahahah AHHH! Wish us luck!! The church was established in the year 1820..sound familiar to anything in church history!?!?)

Sorry for the longest email ever!

Funny: Poor Sister Tueller the senior couple "mom" here in Łódź was worried that the curry she bought us for lunch sent sister moncur to the hospital! hahahah oh we love her so much!

Me with one and only time on the mission with straight hair
Our weird hair cuts
Sister Moncur and I :)

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