Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

This week was absolutely amazing! This transfer has been one of sheer joy! I am loving my misison so much and I know it is because we are seeking the Spirit in all that we do and the Lord is blessing us immensely! I am constantly thinking about our investigators and about how much I love them and just all the timemy thoughts are on the work and all the different things we get to do! I have loved not thinking a smidgen about home this whole week! This week was the fastest week ever (unfortunately). It was filled with repentance, growth, baptismal dates, member lessons, talking to every one, sunny days, rainy days, a fantastic branch (each one of whom I love with all of my heart!), and a wonderful and hilarious companion!

We saw so many miracles this week! Beata so wonderful and has a continually growing testimony of the gospel! She came to church all dolled up and looked SO cute! She even had eyeliner that matched her dress! Aleks went to Warsaw this week and just can't stop talking about how many wonderful young adults she met at the YSA planning council and at church on Sunday! Aneta has felt the Spirit in really obvious ways and recognizes it! And our little Alicja Siuda is amazing and progessing towards baptism and her parents (formerly inactive members until 2 months ago) are totally on board and are so supportive! It's taken her a while to open up around me since she's only 9 and a little shy, but she's so much more willing to pray and participate in our little simplified missionary discussions we have for her! I love teaching her because I'm learing such obvious skills for being a mother in Zion in the future! I just love missionary work so much! Sister Moncur and I just shed tears of gratitude several times this week!

This week I've really been realizing the way the Lord has molded me into what He needs me to be and helping me come closer to achieving mission long goals that I made in the beginning of my mission. I have a goal that while on my mission, I want to have developed the ability to speak about the gospel in any turn any conversation into one where I can share this essential and eternal knowledge with those I speak with. I made this goal in a hope to be a missionary for the rest of my life... My Grandma Nancy is a wonderful example of this as well as many other members of my family! She can go on a drive in a taxi and by the time she gets to her destination, the taxi driver has an invite to church and a Book of Mormon! I want to be just like be able to share the thing I love most with everyone I meet for the rest of my life! So I set the goal and I have seen how much Heavenly Father has helped me in getting better and better at it! I feel like it's really actually turning into one of my strengths! Oh! You're going to go on a ski trip? Aren't the mountains just beautiful? A place where you can really enjoy nature and feel at peace. Sometimes when I go in the mountains, I like to pray...where it's peaceful and quiet... BOOM! Gospel talk time! The thing I realized is that just like the example given above, I realized I never have to be fake...I can really use my own experiences and joys to relate to their lives! I love it! It is so fulfilling to show love to someone by listening to them and show them my love AND the love of the Savior by telling them about the gospel! I'm not saying it's easy... but with practice, it has been getting everytime better.

Funny: well I've successfully avoided the hairdresser here in Poland for months, but it's beinginning to be summer and I needed a trim! So I went in there thinking, oh I've been here for a year! I can communicate!...... well turns out my vocab for going to the hairdresser's is pretty slim! The lady thinned my hair a TON and my pony tail now feels like just a few hairs!!! My companion too is freaking out about how much of her hair has been chopped off!!! We're kind of dying laughing about how there's nothing we can do about it now! NIECH BĘDZIE as they say.


Sister Blake

Picture: me and Sister Oncur with our CUTE investigator Beata on Sunday with her matching eyeliner and dress :)

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