Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 22, 2013

Today we get to go to the zoo!...not going to lie, I'm not much of a zoo fan, but if it's district bonding we're going for, I'm all for it! I am so blessed to have such an amazing district! It consists of two hilarious elders, and 2 wonderful and sweet older missionaries. Elder Stumpf, Elder Smith, and Elder and Sister Durrant! I must say, being a part of this distric and this branch [a small ward/church] have been SUCH a blessing from heaven this transfer! Not to mention the greatest girl named Tracy Allen is here (she served in Poland 2 years ago) and she's been so much fun to have around! I love them all so much and we all support, love, learn, and laugh together!

Something amazing that happened this week was in church yesterday! 4 of Sister Ellis and my investigators showed up to church AND stayed the entire time! When Relief Society was over, we usually are trying to introduce all of our investigators to people and running around like crazy trying to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome! This Sunday, we felt like fishes out of water and like we didn't know what to do because we didn't have to do anything!! The members had already started conversations with each of our investigators and were making them feel welcome and fellowshipping! It was so amazing and I really feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing branch!
So I was reading in Alma 5 this week and it talks about judgement day a lot. Alma is crying repentance unto the people of Zarahemla I believe and he asks them what they would say and feel if they were put in front of God to be judge that very day. It really makes you think! If I were to be put infront of the Lord today and talk about what I've done to follow Him, would I be scared,  worried, feel unworthy? Or would I feel peaceful and comfortable and run into the open arms of my Savior? I hope the latter! Matthew 25:21 is my ultimate motivation. My goal in my life is to be able to return to the Lord so I can joyfully embrace Him and have Him say "well done thou good and faithful servant". It's the motivation for my life! For my mission! For each day!
Funny thing that happened this week:...(kind of not funny...kind of horrible, but anyone who reads it might get a kick out of it....we will see): Yesterday, we went to the outskirts of Wroclaw to find someone...ended up getting eaten my mosquitos (or "komary") and I guess you could think of it as karma because as they were eating me, I opened my mouth for a split second and ate one of them!!!! (obviously on accident, but still!!) It was REVOLTING!!!!!!! ew. So I hope I don't get some crazy disease as a could for all I know accidentally ate a misquito that previously had sucked the blood of a homeless man!!! Truly sickening, I know!
Well! Love you all! 


Sister Kendall Blake

Here are some answers to my questions I specifically asked Kendall: 

Who is your companion now and where is she from? Tiffany Ellis. She's from Sandy Utah

What city are you in? How long are you there? 
Wroclaw...will be here until beginning of Sept. [you can still send Kendall letters- takes 10 days to get to her address from USA]

If in Wroclaw is your address the same?
 yes. Komandorska 53F/12 Wroclaw 53342 Poland

Is your new mission president arrived? 
Yes!  Have you met them? Yes! So nice and fun!Sounds like you will love them.

What is "the standard" ? 
The standard is a number for like how many baptismal dates you have, how many investigators you have, how many people came to church, how many lessons you taught, etc. The standard is the "bar" so to speak. If you get the standard, you are doing above average! I've gotten the standard 3 times! :) obviously ALL attributed to the Lord and NOT NOT NOT to me! haha

How is Polish coming? 
Good! Being a trainer forces me to speak A LOT more! But It's coming a long so well and I've been told many times that I have a good accent even! woo hoo!

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