Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 1, 2013

Well this has been the longest and craziest week of my life it feels like! I have officially changed companions and am officially training!! Holy Cow! Who would've thought it would be this hard!! Is so interesting because I feel like just got used to the missionary life, and now someone is looking to ME for direction?! Absolutely nuts! But I know that the Lord qualifies His servants. He wouldn't call me to be a trainer for Sister Ellis if He knew I would fail. I just need to constantly have faith...more than ever before!! And patience too!  I want to set an example of hard work and utilizing every second of proselyting time effectively (like Sister Bezdjian set that high standard for me of hard work and using time efficiently), but I also hope that I'm not running her into the ground.
Sister Ellis is so sweet! She truly has a sweet spirit! She is so kind hearted and would never hurt a fly! And all of her goals revolve around working hard and being led by the Spirit...PERFECT! She will teach me just as much as I hope I can teach her! Communicating with people is a little tricky, but I have been feeling the Lord's help with Polish lately too! Thank goodness!

The amazing experience I had this week was when we were walking home for dinner the other day! A woman was waiting at a stop light and we began talking to her. We barely said anything when she started telling us about how her son had passed away in a terrible accident and how her and her daughter-in-law were really struggling. She was asking us all sorts of questions about where we believed her son was! We read with her a few verses in Alma 40, and gave her a Book of Mormon. It was so amazing to see how the Lord put us in this woman's path! And also amazing how subconsiously, she recognized us as servants of the Lord...why else would she tell us all these personal things and ask us these questions which were tormenting her conscience? It was truly amazing.
Funny moment this week: We were stood up by a 15 year old boy...
Sorry for the short letter this week! We really ran out of time this pday! And also, my Pday next week is on tuesday because we have a missionary meeting on monday! So mom, i'm alive, but just doing my missionary duties :)
Love you!!!
Sister Kendall Blake :)

Kendall welcomes her new companion Sister Ellis

Kendall sees off her first companion Sister Bezdjian

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