Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 15, 2013

I would like to start this email by thanking all the people who ever laughed at my pathetic excuses for jokes. Here has been a little bit of a drought here on laughter because i think that my comp has her head screwed on straight and has recognized the sad truth that I am not as funny as i think i am! haha So thank you all friends and family who give a kind chuckle at what I say...even if your only laughing at how my nostrils flare when I laugh really hard (something I learned about myself from a recent email from a sister of mine who will remain unnamed).

Second off, I'd like to tell you all the most disgusting thing that i have EVER witnessed in my life!!! Sister BEZDJIAN! She bought some potatoes a few weeks back....let me tell you...potatoes do NOT keep for that long. One day, felt like making potatoes, pull out the basket out of the shelf and the potatoes had developed a brown goo and larva!!!!!!! IT was SICKENING!!!!! lesson learned!

This week has been a roller coaster! The worst days were also the best days! It's so amazing that despite so many things that happen, that the Lord is merciful and allows one good thing to overshadow all the bad! It's truly remarkable that the Lord has the ability to do that! One day we had 5 lessons fall through...all of our lessons for that day! That was a little sad, but we still worked hard anyways and ended up getting a lot done! The very next day was the complete opposite! We had 7 lessons that day and every single one did NOT fall through! It was a best/worst day! Worst because it took SOOOO much energy out of me to teach that many lessons basically on my own and try to understand everyone's needs in a language I am still learning, but the best because not only did we teach so many lessons in one day, but more importantly that the Lord gave me strength to keep going despite my incredible mental, physical, and spiritual exhaustion! It really was an amazing day!

A principle I learned was how to have a true foundation on Christ. I have been reading one general conference talk a day and it's so amazing how each one builds my understanding more and more day by day. (I want to continue this when i get home! Read or listen to a conference talk a day!) I learned that to have a foundation in Christ is to study and ponder the scriptures daily, to pray sincerely daily, and to partake of the sacrament weekly. I realized that it's these things that give the members of our church that stability in Christ that so many people who believe in Christ but aren't of our faith don't necessarily have. We have prophetic counsel that guides us in how to be more Christ centered in our modern lives. What a blessing. I was able to teach this principle in a lesson and to many people on the street! It's like learning the's so much more helpful when you use what you're studying in the day because you learn to implement the things that you learn!

Anyway, this email is a little weak and i'm sorry about that, but I love you all so much!

Sister Kendall Blake
P.S. if you have access to it, read Richard G. Scott's "For Peace at Home" It's so amazing! Filled with so much council!!! WHen reading general conference talks, make sure to highlight all the things that we are told to do! it's so amazing to see!

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