Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

Week 67

This week has gone by so fast! And I know that the next transfer will go by even faster! But I am determined to enjoy every minute of it and work hard! We feel like there are people so ready for the gospel! The field is SO white and ready to harvest! People are dying for the light that the gospel brings and I'm so excited to keep teaching those who have started on their path towards this and who have yet to be found as well!

This week Teresa got baptized! She is an amazing woman who has been prepared by the Lord for years! She already has a super strong testimony of this gospel and the light and joy that it brings! Teresa is so sweet and instead of shedding tears when she feels the Spirit, she laughs! She was so full of laughter after her baptism and was joyfully trying to hold in her cheerful chukles as she partook of the Sacrament on Sunday after her confirmation! She recognizes that this is the beginning of her path and has so much support as she continues in it!

This week I was reminded of what it meant to "look forward with an eye single to the kingdom of God". I realized that it means to say (for example): "I am going to follow the thought to visit this person even though I have a huge test tomorrow." Doing the things that concern the kingdowm of God FIRST will bless us FAR more than any other thing we have to do! I can follow promptings in faith having trust that the Lord will bless me for putting him and the well-being of His children first! I guess the true lesson I am learning is about prioritizing! Making the Lord my number one priority will allow all other blessings to fall in place... and in the end an A on the test would be worth a lot less than everlasting peace and joy with my Heavenly Father after this life. I want to constantly keep in mind the plan of salvation... the "what for" of all the chores, tasks, tests, projects, and activities that are in life. Of course those things all lead to greater progression! But having the focus on the Lord and our ultimate goal of life with Him can be the motivator and first priority in all that we do! I feel so blessed that I get to focus 100% of the building of the kingdom of God right now with no other distractions or other priorities! The work of the Lord and His angels is my job, homework, and social scene...the work of salvation is my life! And it's not like I'm dying after my mission is over...I can still live this way! With a focus on the Lord and His work.I want it to always be that way, right now and throughout the rest of my life!

Funny/Fun: It has been so warm lately and we have a balcony! So we decided to take advantage of the opportunity of having a balcony and of having companions who are up for it to sleep outside! It was so fun and warm and aside from the dog barking for a while in the beginning, we got some earplugs and had a lovely night sleep! :)


Sister Blake

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