Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

Week 69- Warsaw, Poland
This week has been really wonderful! It's the beginning of a great transfer and Sister Hemming and I have come up with some really faith filled goals that we are SOOOO excited to see come to pass!

I think something the Lord has blessed me with in my life is hope. I have been learning in studies and experience that hope is the thing that can keep us praising the Lord in all that we do. Having hope for a brighter future! Having hope in becoming what we need to become and achieving what Heavenly Father knows we can acheive. When we have hope and think about our challenges in a perspective where we are looking forward, then our challanges seem lighter...and they are made lighter by the Savior as we include Him in the work that we do and ask to feel His power in our prayers.

I also recognize that i only have a limited time left as a full-time missionary and I wanted to extend a commitment here: I'm going to make it a goal to read my Preach My Gospel more...but I also want you to read it to! I know that missionary work does not just happen when you have a black tag on! And PMG can help everyone become the missionary and person that the Lord expects us to be. Also, I'd really like to get some input on how I can use PMG when I get back in my member missinary work! So i hope that's not a selfish motivation, but as you read, think about how it applies to disciples of Christ who aren't full-time missinaries, so you can help me know how to use it better when I am a member missionary :)

Funny: during studies, a bug fell into my companions mouth!! EW!

#1: man selling yummy bread out of the back of his truck!
#2: view out our window at 4:30 am...after the sun has already risen!!!! I love how bright it gets so early!

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