Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

So! Because of some emergency changes going on in the mission, my area is being dissolved for the time being! :( But I am still staying in the same branch and city luckily!!! The Lord just planned everything out perfectly so that not too many dramatic changes would have to be made! I can still work with our golden investigator Teresa (who's getting baptized on June 7th!)! But my companion has to leave Warsaw and gets to go down to Katowice! As a result, I will be in a 3-some with Sister Poklinkowska (who I was comps with last September!) and Sister Hemming (who I've always wanted to be comps with!)!!! So I'm just jumping into their companionship for 2 weeks before the actual transfer calls happen. But I am SOOOO excited because the Sisters I'm going to be serving with are my 2 favorite Sisters in the mission and are 2 of my best friends!! I wrote President Edgren like a few months ago just saying that if I ever got to serve with Sister Poklinkowska or Sister Hemming it would be a dream, and now I get to serve with BOTH! At the same time!!! I'm so stoked!!! But it's only for 10 days and then we'll get our transfer calls and off I go to where the Lord needs me! Could still be here! But we'll see. That's the amazing thing about a mission. You don't need to seek any revelation whatsoever about where you need to go for the next few months or how long you need to stay there...basically you're just told by a man called of God who received revelation on your behalf! And you just know that's where the Lord needs you to be and you do it! Not huge decision making stress like at home! So I'm enjoying this time of just knowing that where I'm sent is exactly where the Lord needs me to go!
This week a member of the 70, President Adler, from Germany came to Warsaw and spoke to us missionaries and came and spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday! He is a man just full of love and light and it was really inspiring to hear and feel the Lord putting words in his mouth that each person listening (with open ears and heart) to hear. From him and the Spirit, I learned a lot about revelation. that it comes with simply prayer and scripture study! I experienced this on Saturday. A few weeks ago, I prayed to Heavenly Father with a question about what to do. The answer I got was to ask again in 2 weeks. So this past Saturday, 2 weeks had passed and I asked again. I got specific answers to my prayers as I asked specific questions and paid attention to the Spirit speaking to my heart. I felt prompted to ask President for an interview since he'd be in our branch the next day. It turns out that the timing of my prayers was just exactly perfect and in the end, I ended up being an answer to his prayers! It was SO amazing to feel like a tool in the Lord's listen to that inspiration to wait to weeks and then be able to answer someone else's prayers! I'm so grateful for the fact that we have access to our Father who lives in Heaven. His is so mindful of us and is "in the details of our lives."
Funny Moment: Yesterday, we were doing a "whiteboard" in a park with the elders and a little girl came up and asked if she could pass out some ulotki (pass-along cards)! She started running (literally running!) around to everyone (literally everyone! Even people on bikes and on jogs!) and giving them pass along cards saying "Here you go!... Here you go!" It was certainly what I'd call hastening the work and feeling urgency about it! :) When she had to leave I gave her a stack more to hand out as she went on her way!!
Sister Blake


1: This is Elżbieta and her 91 year old mother Ciesława! They are HYSTERICAL! They do everything together and are the bestest of friends! It's so sweet!
2: We made sushi for pday last week!

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