Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

Week 24

So transfers are officially announced! I'll be staying in Wrocław and I'm going to be training again! Sister Ellis and I had a good last week together! I learned a lot about patience and learning to love with Sister Ellis! She is a fantastic missionary and I think has really prepared me to be a trainer for a second time and to be a better mother and wife in the future. I'm glad I get another chance to develop my teaching skills as a trainer this next transfer :)

This week we had many amazing experiences! We achieved the standard which was truly amazing! I really think the trick (besides relying completely on the Lord and praying every moment!) is to plan your week out in advance. It's really so much more productive that way and you can fit many more lessons in that way! Despite our busy planned out schedule, we were still able to have time to serve Sister Cieleńska (the branch president's wife) twice this week! She's been cooped up at home with her sick children, and we were able to help her do some grocery shopping that she needed to get done! I'm so grateful that we were able to help her! Service brought a totally different light on the week. It made me happier and so much more grateful!

The past couple of days I learned a lot about healing and the atonement. We as humans are both diseased and sinful. We are unclean physically and spiritually. But because of Jesus Christ and His Atonement for us, He literally can heal us from both of those things! He overcame physical death as well as spiritual death! He has "healing in His wings". Our diseases will die with our bodies, and our bodies will be resurrected because of Christ. But our sins will live on with us, UNLESS we partake of Christ's overcoming of spiritual uncleanliness too! It's key to know that one cannot be physically healed by Christ unless first he has faith that Christ CAN heal him spiritually as well! That's why in Alma 15:6-11 Alma asks Zeezrom FIRST the question of "do you believe that Christ has the power unto salvation?" and THEN asks the question "do you believe that through Christ's power you can be healed physically?"...the same thing goes for the story in Luke 5. The man is first healed spiritually before he is healed physically! I just really know how much the Savior wants to help. He loves us so much and I am so grateful for the healing He can do within each of us if we believe in Him and act upon His words. I love and admire my Older Brother and all that He has done for me. was a neat experience this week. Sister Malinowska was on a lesson with us and then spur of the moment spontaneously asked us to come to dinner super fast before our next lesson! Literally that was the nicest thing she could've done! Anyone who knows me super well knows that when i feel super comfortable with someone (ie: Simmons family, Madsen family, etc), if I'm around their house or if I just feel like it, I'll just stop by their house spur of the moment because I know that they love me and wouldn't mind if I did...and dare I say, even enjoy when I do. So to have Sister Malinowska invite us over spontaneously really let me know how much she cares about us and feels comfortable around us! I'm so grateful! ...and also so grateful for all those who let me barge into their home unannounced haha I love all of you my pseudo families! My real one is fantastic too! :)

Sorry this week's letter is a little weak, but because of transfers we're getting a bunch of stuff ready!

Funny moment / tender mercy of the week: I never realized how much I loved the song "You Sexy Thing" until it came on the radio on the tramwaj this week!!!


Sister Blake

1: Sister Ellis and I went to a musical performance for our culture night this week! It was Renaissance themed, but you know what, being at some sort of performance made me feel right at home :)
2: Lady who every day people watches at 8 am


  1. Hey, really inspiring blog :) Do you know about any LDS missionaries having a mission in Katowice maybe? :) I would love to meet them. Or maybe you consider exploring some other parts of Poland in the future? :) Keep doing great job, sharing love and good message :) cheers!

  2. This is Kendall's mother, Karen. I update her blog each week with the letters she sends us. She is currently just serving in Wroclaw, but there are many missionaries serving in different parts of Poland. Here is a link that has information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Poland. I believe that you can request missionaries to come visit you or find a church near you on this website.

    If not, you can go to this English site and request missionaries to come meet with you and answer any questions you might have and

  3. Jestem, I am not familiar with Poland so wasn't sure where Katowice was. But, I copied the note you wrote on the blog and sent to Kendall. She wrote: "Ya! Katowice is a city in my zone! There are two Sisters serving there and 4 Elders: Elder Lanham and Wilson...and Sisters Petherbridge and Pearso"