Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 23, 2013

Week 26

Well this week was my birthday! Officially 21...an old maid.. just kidding! It's just the beginning! I spoke with an old Polish woman named Krystyna (who's straight out of Great Gatsby!) in the hospital the other day and she related a story of how she was in love when she was 21 and went on about how great an age it is! So I'm grateful! :) Thank you to all the wonderful family and friends I have who made my bday special for me! I have been overcome with joy about how amazing my family is! I have such determination to do all I can to be able to live with my family (past, current, and future) for the rest of eternity! I'm so grateful for a knowledge of God's great plan for us!

This whole week, Sister Poklinkowska and I have really been trying to make plans with the Spirit, then tell those plans to the Lord and trusting Him to sanctify our plans...to make them efficient, to make them worth while, to put people who He's preparing in our path! Well we did that after church this Sunday. We told the Lord that we were going to go and visit a very old less active member who can't leave her house. It turns out she was in the hospital! But we told the Lord that we would see her so we stuck with that plan and rejoiced in the opportunity to be prompted to go and visit her in her time of need! On our way to the hospital and returning back home from the hospital, we ran into probably 5 GOLDEN people that I just know the Lord has been preparing to hear His gospel! The first girl was Zoey...she is from the UK (Liverpool) and she said that she wasn't sure if God existed... we told her about prayer and I shared a personal spiritual experience with her and she agreed to meet with the missionaries in the UK! Next was Ola...she said that she doesn't really know if she knew God all that well and we bore testimony about how we are LITERALLY God's children and we can have a Father-daughter relationship with Him! Turns out her mother is in the hospital and she's going through a really lonely hard time and we gave her a Book of Mormon and are going to set up to meet in a week!

After our lovely visit in the hospital with Sister Ciechowska (who really loves us and was SO grateful that we came to see her) we were walking home and ran into Wojtek, a man with twin daughters who will benefit so much from the unifying power of the gospel in families. Then we literally almost ran into Jacek! Jacek was closing up shop when I felt like I should turn around and go talk to him...turns out he knows exactly what the Spirit feels like saying that he every once and a while is told what to do in his life by a quiet voice "not a literal voice, but that's the only word I can think of to describe it"!!!!! Needless to say, I was practically in shock by and yet not surprised about how well our Heavenly Father knows each of us so well...He put Sister Poklinkowska and I in these people's paths for a reason and I'm so incredibly grateful to be a part of this amazing work!

Sister Poklinkowska and I are doing so well!! We're learning better and better how to teach together and are really enjoying all our time together! I love her so much! She is always serving me which makes me want to serve her and as a result we love each other so much! I'm grateful for her desire to learn and improve! She is so humble (maybe sometimes even a little too hard on herself) but we're helping each other have more faith in the Lord and faith that He will help us teach and speak in Polish!

Funny Moment: For my birthday, sweet Sister and Elder Durrant invited us over and made STEW!!! (KARNies...not lamb, but any stew is fantastic as I know you 3 would agree) The funny part is how funny my district leader thought he was to give me a present...a huge jar of rotting pickles!!! He also gave me a Rubix cube made "especially for me" so I could master it... all 6 sides of the Rubix cube are one color... I must admit, it was pretty clever and actually pretty funny! But of course I couldn't really let him have too much satisfaction, so the below picture is a picture of this pretty funny event!

Also! Something else that not many missionaries can say is that I went to a ballet with my mission president and his wife the other day! Sister P and I took our culture night on Saturday night and it just so happened that the president was in town so we invited him and his wife to the ballet too!! I actually didn't know what kind of ballet it was so I was scared out of my wits that we would have to walk out or something if it was "contemporary" and not suitable for the eyes of innocent missionaries! hahaha but everything ended up being okay! haha

Well I love you all so much! Thanks for all the support and prayers and love!


Sister Blake

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