Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

Week 25

First and foremost...last week I said that that reference was in Acts's actually Acts 19:1-6...where Paul had to baptize the people a second time so it could be done by water AND the Spirit!

Next item of business: This is going to be SUCH a great transfer!! Sister Poklinkowska and I are getting along so well and I feel like such an equal with her! I'm teaching her as much as I can, but really she is teaching me SO much! I'm so grateful to have her as my companion! I truly feel like my work here in Wrocław is just beginning! My first transfer I was here, I white washed this area (means that they were both new to the area)  and was a trainee...needless to say, I didn't really have a clue of what was going the city, in missionary work, or in the lives of my investigators! My second transfer was a little better...I knew where I was in the city and everything, but because I was the senior companion but could only speak the language "tyle", I really didn't feel like I completely understood what was going on all the time. I feel like this transfer is just the beginning of my work here in Wrocław simply because I finally understand the background of the people I'm working with! I'm able to discern their needs better! I'm able to see where their coming from! The relationships I've built here over the past few months are finally starting to reap... In all honestly, I really feel like I could stay here for at least another transfer after this one! I feel like I have just barely reached the level with the people here where I can actually make a difference! Where I don't feel like I'm drowning, but that I have my head above water. I know that the Lord directs all His work, but I'm so glad that I'm in the boat, which He is the captain of...instead of trying to swim (practically drowning!) to keep up! I'm the happiest I've been in my whole mission so far because I really have started to truly grow a love for the people because I understand them now that I have developed a relationship of trust and service with them! I'm so excited to be serving here this transfer and hope the Lord sees fit that I stay for another one after this!

A miracle that happened this week was completely a direct result of complete faith. Sister Poklinkowska and I were really striving to achieve the standard (meeting their goals for lessons taught, investigators that come to church, ....) this week! We worked and did all we could to achieve our goal and everything was all set and achieved except for the number of people in church and a new investigator. Church started and we had 2 wonderful investigators in church...the sacrament hymn was being played and we were still waiting for Lucyna to arrive, who had committed to come. Instead of losing faith, I just prayed so hard and had the faith that whatever happened would be in the Lord's will. And who walks in?! But Lucyna! During the Sacrament hymn! Faith brings miracles! And now my faith is doubled! Which I hope will bring double the miracles next week! On top of that, the Lord helped us set up a meeting with a woman named Marta who says she has been praying to know the right path for her and that she wants a deeper meaning in religion than what she is currently experiencing! She became a new investigator! The Lord wants to bless us! He wants to help us achieve our goals! We just have to have the faith that He will help us get there!

I love this mission so much! I'm so grateful to serve at this time! I love the mission, I love the people, I love the members, I love Wrocław, I love my companion, and I love the Lord! What a fantastic life I'm am blessed to live! The Lord has given me everything and there is no way I can ever repay Him for all He's given and done for me. I am serving "Him who has created [me] and is preserving [me] from day to day, by lending [me] breath, that [I] may live and move and do according to [my] own will, and even supporting [me] from one moment to another... If [I] should serve Him with all [my] whole soul yet [I] would be an unprofitable servant" (Mosiah 2:21).

Now...the funny moment! What you've all been waiting for... So we went to this less active woman's home...she's SO old and her husband is like 20 years younger than her... but he always feeds us...usually it's soup or something sort of tasty...right now it's mushroom season and I really love mushrooms, so he offered us some and of course I said yes! ....... what he brought out was.... I don't even know! It was this brown GOO and it looked like pond scum and was brown and looked as though it was alive! There were slimy mushrooms in it!! I honestly felt like I was eating slugs!!! I took about three bites and then set it aside...but he would NOT let us leave his house until I ate it all!!!! FLASHBACK SYD!!! Does this remind you of anything!!! Except this was not tortellini! It was sluggy mushroomy goop! AH! it was horrible  but also so hilarious! I've been laughing a lot's very healthy..i recommend it :)

Love to all those reading this message! :)
Siostra K Blake

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