Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013

Well the weeks just keep rolling by! And I honestly don't understand when people talk about their missions how they say that the days drag on but the weeks fly no... the days FLY by!!! It is the weirdest thing!!! And of course the weeks do too and it's just crazy! But seriously...where do the days go?! I'll tell you where... Every single spare second we have is dedicated to finding the people that I KNOW the Lord is preparing here in Poland! We here so many stories of people who say: "I had never heard of the church and one day I saw two people with name tags on a bus and I was baptized 6 weeks later!" You know what? Those people are here! We have to find them though! It's so fun! Such an adventure! Not saying that my goal is to baptize baptize baptize...that is important, but you know what? for me, the most important thing is that sweet Edyta's soul becomes uplifted at the knowledge that her family can be happier as they read the words of Christ together. Or that Konstantine can find solace through the Atonement in his difficult life. These are real people I'm dealing with! Obviously, I want to do all I can do to help lead these people to knowing what they need to do to make a promise with the Lord that they will always follow Him (in other words: baptism), but truly, my goal is to bring these people closer to Christ. It is their decision of whether or not they will take the first step towards Him. I love that picture of Jesus waiting outside of the door with no door knob. It just makes so much sense! We need to be the one's that ask Him for help. He wants to help us in all that we do, but we need to be the one's to ask Him.

That's actually what I gave a talk on in church on Sunday! I followed my fantastic cousin Chandler Stone's example on this one and decided to use my talk as an exercise of faith. I read the verse in D&C saying to treasure up in your minds the words of life, not thinking before hand what you shall say, but that it will be given in the very hour that which is meted unto every man. So I decided to try this. To prepare for my talk, I read and search and pondered and prayed about the Atonement (because that was the topic I was given to talk about). I treasured up in my minds the words of the topic, but didn't prepare a talk. During language study, I would study words and phrases about the Atonement. But I didn't prepare what I would say, having faith that as long as I tried my hardest to treasure up in my mind the words, that it would be given to me in the very hour. It was actually really difficult to NOT plan my talk! To have complete faith that it really would be given to me in that hour that I needed it. So on Sunday, I gave the talk, and I think it went pretty well...i hope that it touched someone listening. But regardless, I really do have faith that what I said (whether or not in perfect Polish) was what Heavenly Father wanted me to say. I really developed so much more faith this week!

Another thing! We have been teaching a girl named Cynthia in the ward! She is so sweet and cute! She's 9 years old and for some reasons hasn't been baptized yet because their family moved and it's all just really confusing...BUT! We get to teach her!! She needed all of the missionary discussions before she could be baptized and she speaks English. She's a daughter of a returned missionary and is probably a more knowledgeable member of the church than I am! What an answer to pray right!? We were praying to be able to teach prepared people and PLOP! Right in our lap the Lord puts sweet prepared Cynthia! Truly a miracle! But her baptism is on Saturday! We're really excited!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to My sweet brother Sam!!! I hope you had the best birthday ever! I was thinking about you all day on the 16th! I love you tons!!

Another shout out to Makena! Happy Birthday!!! I love you tons! And i was thinking abou you as well on the 11th :)

CONGRATULATIONS TO ELISE AND KATE on you're mission calls!!!!!! OH my gosh I can't even believe it!! I love you both so much and congratulations!!! [Kate and Elise are Kendall's college roommates. Kate Hargadon is going to Nashville, TN Mission and Elise to the Santa Cruz, Bolivia Mission.] To anyone else who is getting their mission calls: I HAVE to know where you're going, so email me!!! AH! What an amazing time!

Funny thing of the week: During culture night (we get one night during the transfer that we can do something offered in the city), we decided to use our culture night on the Night of the Museums where ever museum is free! It was so fun! But anyways, in one of the museums, we found this picture... 'nough said.

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