Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Well hello! The month of May flew by! And this week was especially crazy! It started with transfers! So that means that my companion (Sister Bezdjian) had to leave and go to another city in Poland for just a day and a half and then a sister from Katowice (Sister Packard) came to Wrocław. It was really a cool experience! I was a really eye opening experience and so interesting because, as you all know, I've only had one companion since being out in the field and I don't know anything different! So it was really neat to see what parts of what I've been doing for the past 4 weeks have been mission standards and what parts have been Sister Bezdjian's standards (both very great standards :) ). But I really enjoyed being able to see certain things from Sister Packard! During the day that she was here, she was very reliant on the Spirit which I really admired -- not to say that Sister Bezdjian and I aren't -- but it was just neat to see how with every thing she did, Sister Packard checked her feelings and tried to listen to the Spirit in all that she did. "Which way do you feel like we should go?" "What do you feel like we should say?" I just really admired that she turly implimented the saying "having the Spirit with you always". She also helped me discover that I know more Polish than I thought I did! She really let me take the lead on a lot of our conversations and lessons! I was really appreciative of her trust in me and her challenging me to push myself when speaking to other people. So I was really greatful for that opportunity this week!
Well, I experienced a baptism of someone I taught for the first time this weekend! Cynthia Call got baptized this Saturday! We barely did anything because she honestly knows more about the gospel than I do currently! haha She's so fantastic! But it was truly amazing to see her on Saturday! She was just beaming with happiness and so excited to be baptized promise that for the rest of her life, she'll follow the Lord by being baptized! The on Sunday, she was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and recieved the Gift of the Holy Ghost! How amazing! What a gift it truly is! Before you are baptized, you can feel the Holy Ghost, but only after you make lifelong promises to Him can He bless us with the Holy Ghost which can be with us we are worthy of it. I really loved being reminded of that this week.
So...honesty circle time. Yesterday I was having a bit of a hard day...(who doesn't?!) So today during my personal study, I read 2 Nephi 4. In this chapter, Nephi is just having a rough day. His dad just died and his brothers are ganging up on him! At first he's kind of feeling sorry for himself, and he wants to be happy, but just can't bring his soul to be happy... and then he starts remembering all the times the Lord has helped him in his life. He starts remembering the blessings he sees everday, and he gets himself pumped up and practically commands all the bad thoughts in his mind to leave him! Because the Lord is more powerful than Satan (or any bad thought or thing in our life!) If we trust in the Lord and recognize His hand in our past and in today, then it's easier to be able to rid ourselves that bog us down! "for my soul delighteth in the things of the Lord"! When we are having a down day, may we be like Nephi! Acknowledge the fact that you are in a slump, and then remember all the times that the Lord has helped you in similar situations! Gratitude will shine light on every corner of the soul!
This gospel is true! I firmly believe that every religion or believe has good and truth to it, but the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has all truth: the full gospel of Jesus Christ. How amazing that we have this!
I love you all so much! Thanks for tuning in! Until next week...
Funny of the week: We have a neighbor who is the most hilarious woman! Every single time we see her she says "oh hello my sweet beautiful dear angels!" and gives us chocolate! That makes her sound so sweet, but she's actually really sassy! haha I've never seen her wearing a skirt and she's always wearing jeans with her slightly pink tinted hair up in a bun! LOVE HER! She always makes my day!

Another funny: I was eating something and a lady came up and asked me for money, but we can't give away money, so I offered her what I was eating not really expecting her to take it...but she did :) ah well! Smacznego! I hope she enjoyed it :)
Love always!
Sister Kendall Blake
Also mom! Yesterday was mother's day in Poland and I made beef stroganoff in your honor last night!!....needless to say, it did NOT reach any fraction of the standard that your beef stroganoff sets! but I tried.. ahha

I was eating something and a lady came up and asked me for money, but we can't give away money, so I offered her what I was eating not really expecting her to take it...but she did :) ah well! Smacznego! I hope she enjoyed it :)

Mom, the first picture is for you! I had a really long time by myself while I was waiting for Sister Bezdjian to get back from the exchange and so I made a meal that reminded me of something you would've made me! A grilled turkey sandwich with grapes on the side :) 
This picture is of Cynthia (9 year old who we taught and got baptized this week!) 
and her family!

This is me at the Rynek with a cool special festival going on!

This is of me outside this hat shop where I bought a cute hat!!

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