Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

So I would say that I'm gettin gused to this, but even after being here for a week and a half, sometimes it still feels like it's my first day! haha But it is wonderful! Being perfectly honest to all those out there who want the honest truth, adjusting to Poland and also this new way of living hasn't been quite as a sinch as I would've hoped! haha i have been putting way to much pressure on myself to be perfect and that's just silly because I've only been here for a week and a half! I read in Alma 26 about these missionaries- they were missionaries before Christ came to Earth! They were on missions for 14 years! Sometimes, I think about how long a year and a half is and realize just how long away I'll be away from the things I am comfortable with and the people I love, but compared to 14 years?! I'm fine! But as they had patience and trusted that they actually WERE doing what the Lord wanted them to be doing, they were able to have more joy than they could even explain! So that example of patience has really been helping me. I need to be more patient with myself and take every day one day at a time. Like I said, it hasn't been the easiest thing in the whole wide world, But you know what's interesting? Is that even though the language is hard and I don't understand very much of what people are saying, The time in each day that I feel the happiest is when I'm talking to the Polish people! Whether it's on the street or in a lesson or if I'm talking to people in the branch (where there are 24 active members!! One of the bigger branches in Poland) I always feel the best when I'm making connections with these people and loving them! Truly the language of the world is love!
For example: We got in contact with a former investigator named Krystyna. She is SO amazing! She has had a pretty difficult and lonely life, but through it all has been able to see the good in it and see the Lord's hand in her life. She is such an amazing woman and an amazing mother and daughter. She went to America and worked as a nanny for a few families there and gave almost all the money she earned to her family here in Poland. She wants to be baptized (as she said in her prayer) but the last think she wants to do is upset her mother, who she loves and appreciates a lot. She doesn't have very much at all, but she insisted on taking Sister Bezdjian and I to a nearby bakery! She is honestly the most giving and Christlike person I know! I'm so greatful to have met her and hopefully help her in her journey towards coming closer to the Savior. I already love her so much and we only met her once!
Yes this work is indeed hard work (mostly mentally! haha) but it is so worth it! I am so blessed to be in the most beautiful city in Poland, the be with the best companion EVER [Karen side note: Kendall's companion is a soccer player and has her running every morning!! Kendall is not a runner, but is becoming one. Each morning at 6:30 right after they get up they go running! Hilarious and awesome. It spiritual, physical and mental boot camp :) She is getting stronger every day!], to have the best branch and wonderful investigators and the sun is shining and everything is just wonderful! I truly am SO blessed! [Karen side note: Kendall said the branch has 25 people in it, which is one of the largest LDS Church groups in Poland, outside the two wards in Warsaw. There are only 2000 members in the whole country, there are about 3000 in Park City.]
Inspirational thought of the week...derived from a thought from Sister Bedzjian: "Doing your best" each day is different. Sometimes your best is a gallon! But sometimes it is just a teaspoon. But you know, when you give your best and take each day as it comes, it doesn't matter how much your best is! Just as long as you are doing all you can to be better that day.
So mail here talkes about 1-3 weeks to get from the states if you wanna send letters to my apartment here in Wrocław, you can! the address is:

Komandarska 53/12
Wrocław 53342

Funny moment: I've almost gotten attacked by pigeons on THREE separate occasions this week!
I love you all!
--Sister Kendall Blake :)

Photo from Kendall's PDay (Preparation Day, when she does laundry, gets and sends emails and writes letters, after she has done that, she can go out and run errands and sightsee and see Wroclaw. 

"So in this city, they have all these little gnomes hidden all around the city! This is a picture of us with one of them!"

 Kendall's study area
 Bedroom, Kendall is the red bed
 Apt Kitchen
 Kendall's Apt that she lives in with her companion
 Polish Grocery Store
PDay shopping

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