Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 7, 2014

Week 41

Well, I'm being transferred again! and they are actually white washing this area again! Which is super unusual. I'm staying as Sister Training Leader but in a new zone and I'm moving to a city called Łódź and moving in with my a new companion named Sister Montesinos who's already been there for a transfer! SO! Kind of chuckling that I really brought all this change upon myself as I wrote about how I wanted change last week! hahaha be careful what you wish for! I'm a little stressed about it all, but I know it will be great! You know, I remember when I came to Katowice I didn't think I would love the members here as much as I did in Wrocław, but look at me now! My heart has grown and I'm actually sad to leave!  So if I could grow to love Katowice, I know I'll quickly grow to love Łódź too! There are new streets to walk, new friends to make, new investigators to help, and new people to love! When I think about it in that light, my stress goes away and I'm really excited! "Perfect love casteth out all fear" Moroni 8:16.

My miracle of this week really was an absolute miracle from heaven!! There is an investigator here named (I'll call her Sandra). She has been investigating the church for almost a year. She gained a testimony that the church is true! But due to her living situation with her boyfriend, she couldn't be baptized. So for months, she's been more active in the church than a lot of other members even! She's has a rock solid testimony and is just amazing! This past Friday, she called and said that her situation had changed, she and her boyfriend broke-up, and he moved out and she wants to be baptized this upcoming Saturday!!!! It was so amazing! I was just so blown away for days! What a huge miracle to see right at the end of the transfer! Even though I will be leaving Kato just 2 days before she becomes baptized, I am so grateful to have had a small part in this eternal change she's making in her life! My joy is full!

Sister Blake

Here is a picture that Elder Lanham from Kendall's mission sent me last week and I forgot to attach. What a great group of missionaries she was able to serve with in Katowice. I also attached a photo I found on the internet of her new city, Lodz.

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