Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

I never know how to start off these emails.. but anyways: The work here is coming pretty great seeing that we've only been here one week! We had a few first meetings that were pretty great! Especially with a woman named Sylwia!! We were walking home the other night, of course trying to talk to everyone along the way, and we said hello and introduced ourselves to this one woman Sylwia. She had a pretty unusual reaction and she smiled HUGE and greeted us super friendily! Turns out she was meeting with the Sister Missionaries here 14 YEARS AGO!!! She now has 3 children and invited us over to her home to teach her more about the gospel!! We were so excited to go over to her house on Saturday and the meeting went really well and I really think it's just the start of something absolutely fantastic!

Something I learned about this week was angels. There have been several moments on my mission when people start talking about angels! When I met Ania in Wrocław, the deciding factor for her to set up to meet with us was when she asked, "Do you all believe in angels?". Whenever we would meet with Czesława she would always call us her angels (maybe it had something to do with the hair haha, but i know it was deeper than just that!). There was even a time when someone thought I was an angel! It was a blind woman. I was talking her her about the gospel and looking into her fogged eyes. She had a huge smile on her face and was holding onto one of my hands. I was speaking to her straight from my heart about the joy and peace Heavenly Father gives me as I read the Book of Mormon and live her teachings, when I put my free hand on her arm. I saw that her face look startled and I assured her that the hand she felt was only mine.  She smiled and still looking a little confused said that she thought that it was an angel that was beside her. I was near tears as she said this being reminded of the verse in 2 Nephi 32:3...that angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost. How honored I felt in that moment to be one of the Lord's angels. I have the assurance that when I was speaking from my heart that I really was speaking by the power of the Holy Ghost and that she felt it, even physically as I testified of the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As a missionary, I am an angel! I have the amazing opportunity to do what angels do! I get to praise the Lord Jesus Christ! I get to sing His name! I get to testify of Him! I get to tell others to fear not. I get to declare good tidings of great joy. I get to bring others to repentance. I get to appear to people in their path and bring them closer to the Savior, the Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Price of Peace! This IS the work of angels! And I am an angel in this glorious work!

Sister King and I are getting along great! We're learning how the other one works and are working hard, but having a lot of fun while doing it...the best combination! I am learning a lot from her and we're growing a lot together too...learning how to teach better and how to use comp study to its maximum potential (which I am convinced is by throwing out "the outline method" and preparing spiritually so we can be fully prepared and have our own testimonies grown in order to better teach by the Spirit and not by the outline!)
The funny moment this week is also a bit of an unfortunate moment too: We were contacting the streets of Katowice on a cold dark evening and were starving! We searched for a place to eat and the streets just had absolutely zilch besides loud bars! So when we finally came across what we thought was a nice sandwich place, we took advantage of the opportunity and ate being reasured that we could pay after we were finished eating...not even having looked at the prices! STUPID! Because the bill was absolutely laughable!!! and laugh we did! In this life, you can cry or you can we decided to laugh and might have to starve ourselves for a little bit this week to make up for the dent it put in our budget hahaha but it was soooo hysterical!

Sister Blake

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