Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12, 2013

Week 33

So like I mentioned before, I am white washing again[where both missionaries are new to the area]! It is pretty different to go from a place where relationships have been being built for several months to a place where you know no one and your companion knows no one, and our teaching pool is a big 1. haha But you know what, I am really excited to start from ground zero! Like "Preach My Gospel" says, the miracles we see here in the next transfer will shine brightly like "a diamond against black velvet" :) . I know that there awaits us many miracles here, seen and unseen!

 So Katowice (or at least our area) is a LOT smaller than Wrocław! It's not very pretty cause there's a lot of construction going on, but if the Lord wants me to be here, I'm at least grateful that it's during Christmas time when everything is just happier and more cheerful anyways! ahha so that's a blessing! I went to church on Sunday and fell in love with all the members here! It's a pretty huge branch (30 active members) and that is really cool! Some are a little funny, but some are real kingdom builders! So that's really great!! I'm actually surprised to how well I'm adjusting to a new place, new members, new people, and a new companion! I've felt peace and joy despite leaving my first Polish home! I know that it is because my life is founded on Jesus Christ. How grateful I am to have Him in my life, guiding me and helping me through it all. Whether it be through scriptures, through prayer, or literally feeling His strengthening power, I have felt peace because of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today we had zone training! Which went really well. Elder Lanham, Elder Smith, and I all felt like we had prepared as much as we could, but then just let the Spirit guide and help us! I felt like I learned a lot even though I was one of the 3 people leading the "zone counsel".  It was pretty great, the Zone Leaders really wanted to include me in the zone training as the Sister Training Leader, so it was really neat to get to be a part of inspiring the missionaries with the two of them and I really felt like I had an equal part in it! I'm grateful that the zone leaders I work with really encourage me to discover the real definition of a Sister Training Leader.

I was really seeking inspiration of how I can magnify this assignment as Sister Training Leader and I have talked to each sister companionship in the Zone [area of a mission] this week. I also called each of them last night and asked them to ponder a question that I had come to my mind the other night as I was really thinking about them and the sisters' needs in this Zone. So I called each of the sisters and asked them to think about the question "Am I as spiritual as I have ever been in my life?" I know that that question seems really vague and you'd think "well, DUH! I'm on a mission! Of course!" But I have found while being on a mission that GOING on a mission really doesn't mean much. It's what you DO on your mission. The first couple transfers of my mission, I felt like I was just running around like a crazy person doing all the things I needed to do and found that I got caught up in the to do list that I forgot the real purpose of me serving a mission! I forgot about the thing that matters most! Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! So the question of "Am I as spiritual as I have ever been in my life?" seems super obvious, but actually, it is really easy to get caught up in things and forget about the most important things... to forget about our spirituality!

If while on a mission, I'll be closer to Christ than at any other time in my life, I want to be pretty darn close! It will set the stage for the rest of my life! But I know that as we really do the things that matter most, we'll come closer to the Savior... And I'm so grateful to have that knowledge and that desire to become more spiritual than ever before! BUT everyone! just because I learned this lesson on a mission does not mean that it only applies to missionaries! I think everyone should take a little second to think about if we are as spiritual as we've ever been...and if not, figure out what you need to do to become the most spiritual you've ever been! Maybe that means giving something up, or making a life change, or starting to do something again! But I promise you, that whatever change you will make in your life to become closer to the Savior, He will help you make that change! and you'll feel strengthened!

Funny Moment: Elder Lanham, who is one zone leader here (and the only Elder who stayed in this city from last transfer...and many would consider him quite the catch), took us to a pizza place here.. it was sooooo hysterical! The waitresses saw him walk in and smiled, came over and offered us a pizza for 50% off! Then when she was walking away from our table, she was staring deep into Elder Lanham's eyes and accidentally backed up into the table behind her!!! oh my goodness I was doing all I could to not burst out laughing! Who says that missionaries are awkward while we're away!? Elder Lanham's charm got us a pizza for 50% off!! haha

I love you guys so much!!!

Sister K Blake

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