Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Week 23

So last Pday, Sister Ellis and I went to a castle! Yes, a castle!! It was so fun and so pretty and smelt like the old houses in NH. Other than the smell I felt like I was in the Sound of Music the whole time! It was so gorgeous and really fun to get out of the big city where there's so much hustle and bustle! haha. So a pic is attached of me in the ballroom! and Sis Ellis and I with the senior couple with the castle behind us.
Also, Mom! I got your package on Wednesday!! I LOVED it! I've slept in the new sweatshirt every night :) a little bit of home! I was so happy! And it got here so fast! They said they had to take out some "liquid" but so the box was opened but I hope that they didn't take anything of huge importance out. I did get the syrup though! Tender mercy since they don't have that here! haha or chocolate chips or brown sugar!! haha

This week I have been thinking about something a lot! The Lord has called some very intelligent people to the country of Poland, and I personally am not convinced that it is because He knew that we'd be able to speak the language well. I truly believe that the Lord trusts each of us here in this country to put our heads, talents, and intellects together to think outside the box. Any old Joe can "contact" and "tract" but the ways that we do that can be tailored to be most effective if we use the talents the Lord has given us! For example, Elder Smith in our district was studying advertising in school. He understands what needs to happen to appeal the "product" to the "buyer". Of course, the product being the gospel and the buyers being new investigators is much more eternally important than a product and a buyer, but those principles that Elder Smith understands can be utilized in great ways. I feel like I have a certain talent with social skills. Putting our two talents together, and those of Sister Ellis and Elder Stumpf as well, we have come up with a couple ideas of ways that might be effective to get people to slow down and listen to our message! (I think Elder Stumpf will maybe tell you about a few of the ideas and run them by you before we do them.) But It just made me realize, that I specifically am here because I have something to offer.
We also tried something new that I had in my mind would be SO successful! We created this bubble thing and I pictured thousands of kids surrounding me and Sister Ellis not having enough Book of Mormons to even give out! Turns out I am a total amatuer and could make even one giant bubble! I do not think it was very effective, but i'm glad we were at least TRYING to think outside the box here there's a picture attached of this sad excuse of trying to attract families to the gospel. haha

Another miraculous story. We were walking along the sidewalk leaving a meeting when we decided to turn around and go see if a former still lived at the address that was written. By doing so, we ran into a mother and her son. The woman's sister was baptized into the church 10 years ago and now lives in England! We were shocked! We spoke with this woman for a few minutes and exchanged phone numbers and are going to call her when she comes back from vacation. But it was just amazing that the smallest little thought allowed us to run into this amazing woman! It was truly amazing to be guided like that by the Lord.
Funny moment: while we were walking on the street, there was just kind of a twilight zone few moments. First an old babcia (gma) was trying to feed a cat a hot dog. Then the lady started talking to us and tried to practically play charades to tell us that someone was drunk and she ended up looking like a drunk zombie trying to tap dance! It was pretty hilarious! Then some other lady two seconds later, stuck her head out of a window and gave a loud howl of despair! It was all so strange but so funny!! hhaha
Well, Love you all! Transfers are in 2 weeks, so if you're going to send something, send it to the mission home until I know where I'll be next transfer :)

Sister Kendall Blake

The best address to send Kendall letters after today would be: 

Sister Kendall Taylor Blake
Poland Warsaw Mission
Swietych s. Dniach Ostatnich
U1. Wiertnicza 135, 1 Pietro
02-952 Warszawa

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