Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 22, 2014

Week 60

I feel so honored! I stand all amazed at the faith that the Lord has in me! He has placed me in the Western side of Warsaw in a region called Bemowo with Sister Owen. It's a residential area so there are families galore to find! And the best part: I am now serving in a branch with a mission coorelation leader and a CHAPEL!!!! The only one in Poland! It's the most amazing thing! I feel like this is the closest anyone in Poland can get to working in a mission in the states! President expressed that he has called us here for a reason because he has faith that we can unite this branch and that we have enough faith to see miracles! Needless to say, this branch has some really amazing missionaries in it and I'm humbled that I have been called to serve among them! I have absolute faith that amazing things are going to happen this transfer, and I will work my hardest to gain the Lord's trust so I can be a tool in His hands to bring about His work and His glory here in this branch. We are really all teaming up as missionaries in the branch to help the branch feel love and chairty for eachother. I am excited to see how love will transform this branch.
I am so grateful for the Savior's resurrection! While some churches really focus on the death of Christ, I am so grateful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints's focus on Christ's Resurrection! He died, but He lives! I know He does because I've felt His power working in my life...making my weaknesses strengths...feeling His love in lonely times...forgiving me when I make mistakes. I'm so grateful for His power that we can feel every day as we try to become better! It's HIS power that makes us better every day.
I LOVE being a missionary! Thinking that in a few months it's going to be over has brought me to tears a few times this week...but I just need to rememebr that I DO have time left still being a set apart missionary! I need to rejoice in every moment I have left! It has given me a whole new motivation to work my hardest.
I am filled with love for the Lord and His work

Pic: my new district at a kebab place in Warsaw!

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