Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

Week 38

Well, last night I had a little reality check. One of the Sisters in my Zone is giong home with no notice for health reasons tomorrow!!! and thought about what it would be like to have to go home at this point in my mission. Am I holding anything back? Would I be sad to go home? I realized that if I went home at this point in my mission I would be devasted because I LOVE my mission! Despite all the Christmas parties, and other festivities that are surely being had at home, I wouldn't ever choose that over the work I am doing now! I LOVE Poland! I LOVE Polish (never thought I'd say that one!)! I LOVE the people here! I LOVE these righteous saints here! I LOVE worrying about people's eternal progression! I LOVE not even having even enough time to clip my toe nails (a little gross maybe, but it's true!)! And I LOVE talking, teaching, and preaching ALL the time about my Brother and Savior Jesus Christ!

The picture is in front of a Polish Christmas street festival thing! I feel like it's Gepetto's shop from Pinnochio!

Funny moment: We were in a lesson with a mom. Her daughter was home sick from school and is 4 1/2. Her daughter was crying whining and crying and so the mom brought her out and sat her on her lap. Then she started cradling her. In my head I thought "maybe she's a little old for that, but sure if It'll make her stop crying". Next thing I know, the mom lifts up her shirt and starts BREAST FEEDING her TODDLER who was in Kindergarten!!!! Oh my heavens!!! hahah I was totally shocked! and it took all my power to control my facial expressions of shock and to keep from laughing!

Merry Christmas! Sorry this was such a lame email

Sister Blake!

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